Vehicle Specs:

  • Vehicles allowed will be any stock car or truck that is NOT 4x4 or all-wheel drive.
  • Engine is to be stock / LS Motor
  • Any stock 2 barrel carburetor or factory fuel injection.
  • Stock rear axle or 9 inch floater will be allowed.
  • Must have open differential or limited slip.
  • Stock transmission must be used.
  • Stock suspension must also be used.
  • Any DOT street tire G60 used (Must be Stamped by Quincy Raceways & can be sipped), but NO mud, snow tires.
  • Must use factory wheels or race wheels no wider than 8”. NO beadlocks.
  • If running factory steel wheels, must run 1” lugnuts.
  • Both tires on the front axle must be the same size and both tires on rear axle must be the same size. Sizes may be different from front axle to rear axle.
  • Gas pedal must be removed from driver’s side and installed on passenger’s side out of reach from driver.
  • Stock appearing body, all suspension front & rear must be stock and in stock location.
  • All cars must be make for make.

Safety Requirements

  • All vehicles must have glass, lights, and all interior removed.
  • 6-point rollcage with main bars made of 1 ¾”.095 wall tubing minimum.
  • Minimum 3 door bars with plate covering door bars.
  • Bars are allowed through the firewall and around the engine.
  • May build radiator protector out of 1 ¾” tubing, but must run stock bumper.
  • Passenger must have handle, NOT mounted to windshield or door bars.
  • Window nets, aluminum race seats, 5-point harnesses required.
  • MANDATORY Safety gear required.
  • In date, Snell-approved, full face helmets.
  • Firesuit (NO blue jeans or long sleeve shirts allowed).
  • Gloves
  • Race shoes
  • Receivers ( Mandatory in 2019)
  • Factory fuel tank can be used if in front of rear axle, but must have metal plate attached to the bottom of the tank.
  • If tank is mounted behind rear axle, fuel cell is required.
  • Minimum quantity 3- ¼” bars in place of windshield and covered with screen wire.
  • Rub rails on outside no more than 1 ½ material.
  • Firewall holes plugged up.

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Sunday Nights

Grandstand Admission (excluding special events)

  • Adults $12
  • Seniors $9
  • Students $5
  • Kids 10 & under FREE
  • Pit Passes $30

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